Whispered World

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Quick Around The World update to prove that I'm still working on it: I had to rewrite my Ocean shader after (a) the original file went missing thanks to a backup snafu, and (b) I wanted to modify it so that the water background (the fuzzy blues behind the continents) actually pans correctly when you zoom in. Yes, I'm mostly working on cosmetic stuff, streamlining, and bug fixes at this point. A finalized beta and playtesting are just on the horizon!

That said, check this out:

I haven't seen an adventure game this beautiful to behold since Curse of Monkey Island. It's going for about $30 on Steam right now, and I think the world would be a sad place indeed if we all didn't admire the artwork and maybe throw a few bucks the developer's way before they all starve to death.

Also, talking about adventure games gives me an opportunity to link to the venerable Old Man Murray article about the adventure game genre committing suicide. The article's practically 10 years old at this point, but it's still as awesome (and accurate) as ever.