XBLIG Winter Uprising!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Well well well, what do we have here?

Fed up with the fact that excellent and often cheap Xbox Live Indie Games offerings are frequently buried by zombie games, massage games, and avatar games, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning creator Robert Boyd has struck back. The plan? Organize a ton of fellow XBLIG developers with amazing track records (who have also suffered from meager sales) and have them all release quality-driven, high-profile games within a week of each other in December.

The "uprising" is, near as I can tell, an honest uprising. Talented XBLIG developers have long suffered on the market, as I've frequently pointed out in this blog. Since cheap, flimsy cash-ins are easier to get to market than A+ indie games, the crap has all but overwhelmed the arena. As a result, the common consensus from both consumers and media outlets alike was that XBLIG didn't have much to offer... until now.

As a shot across the bow, the Winter Uprising's announcement more than succeeded. For odd reasons, even the best XBLIG titles often failed to garner the attention they deserved, unless they were the rare runaway hit like the oft-mentioned A Gam3 W1th Zomb1es. But 14 quality games, all from established developers? And all of them retailing for between $1 and $5? And all of them hitting the market within a week... and hitting it angrily? Pretty much every major gaming blog and ezine out there took notice, and, voila! Increased attention for the cream of the crop on the platform! Dig it:

I was kind of flustered when I realized that Project Squish wouldn't be done in time to participate in either the media blitz or the actual release period, but hey, that's not their problem. A bunch of awesome developers just so happened to have games that were ready to be released during the same period, so they used that to their advantage.

And, needless to say, that's awesome. In fact, it's more than awesome. Even though I don't get to participate, it will increase awareness of the fact that the XBLIG isn't all zombie massage avatar crap, and hopefully increase market traffic as a result. It should also (hopefully) prime gaming blogs to be more interested in quality XBLIGs that are announced, even if they happen beyond the timeframe of the Winter Uprising.

Of course, I hope that Boyd will have more Uprisings in the future, and that Project Squish will be done in time to participate.