Free eShop Codes : 10 Methods To Get It For Free

The Gaming community spends tons of money everyday purchasing games and other swag. So, how about today we save you some of that money by showing you how to acquire Free eShop Codes? Before getting started, let’s give a clear picture of what eShop Codes are.

An eShop is an online platform that allows gamers to download content either on the WiiU home console or Nintendo family. Below are a few advantages as well as ways of getting free eShop codes.

Nintendo and Free eShop Codes; How They Work

Nintendo works in a simple manner since the only thing needed is to add funds and credits to the eShop. Once this is done, you can download content on any of your personal systems.

Nintendo is also a super choice for all gamers who know the value of their money. This is because, once you download a single gaming console, you get offers on other games content. This will allow you to enjoy all the available offers with just a few clicks.

Although technology has improved the consoles used today, those that were sold a few decades ago are still available in Nintendo. These old consoles allow gamers to enjoy a touch of classical games and they are easily accessible in the Nintendo platform.

To ensure the gamers are fully entertained, Nintendo has excellent facilities for watching HD videos. New gamers can make a choice depending on different reviews and ratings left behind by other players.

Although eShop cards have been there for a long time, they are still categorized as digital currency systems that are designed for Nintendo users only.

Nintendo clients can download codes to use on different platforms like 3D games, Wii U and other games and game contents available in the Nintendo eShop. This is only made possible by the free eShop cards and codes.

What has however remained a controversial is where to purchase these eShop codes. Frequently asked questions include the designated dealers that sell eShop codes online and if are they sold in any physical locations.

The simple answer to this question is, eShop Codes are readily available. Users who purchase these Nintendo games are provided with a new card with a 16-digit eShop code. The codes are genuine as they are embedded straight from the original Nintendo eShop card. 

Why Use Free eShop Codes?

Earning free Nintendo eShop codes is one of the easiest, simplest and hassle-free process. The fact that the user can apply for it in their Nintendo eShop account makes it even more comfortable and convenient.

The free eShop codes ensure that you always have funds on hand which makes it easier for you to get new games and applications whenever need be.

Last and not least, no credit card is needed. As mentioned earlier, the eShop cards and codes have been categorized as a currency, and hence you can use them to purchase any games and applications available in the Nintendo eShop.

10 Simple Steps to Earn Free eShop Codes Online

There are so many ways of earning free eShop codes. Although there are those that work perfectly fine, there are others that will be of no help.

For this reason, it is essential for any gamer to spend some time investigating all the available methods before settling on one. Below is a list of ten methods that will not let you down.

Method 1: Use the Nintendo Free eShop Codes Generator Tool that is available online

This method is one of the simplest as it only requires the gamer to click on the “Free eShop Codes Generator” provided. A 16-digit code will be generated for the user to copy and redeem. It is, however, essential to be patient until the code has loaded from the database.

The code is however not generated automatically, and you might need to try a few times before it’s done. This is because there are a limited number of codes available and they may all be in use.

Method 2: Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a must-have for any gamer looking for ways of making money. Swagbucks has its currency which they refer to as “SBs.” To earn these Swagbucks, all you need is to do is watch a few videos online.

At the same time, you can be rewarded if you shop online using their shopping portal. Lastly, you can take a survey which will earn you 60 Swagbucks per survey.

The Swagbucks received are then redeemed for free eShop gift cards. One hundred Swagbucks earn you 1$ Nintendo Gift Card.

Method 3: Use MyPoints 

Typically, surveys are annoying, but not the ones conducted at MyPoints. MyPoints surveys are fun and worth the effort. The first thing you need to do is click the link provided below and register as a member of MyPoints.

Every time you complete a single survey, you get your points instantly. The points are rewarded depending on the survey conducted and the time is taken to complete it.

Many times, gamers are given either 100 or 200 points for a survey. You can then convert to $10 eShop Card once the points accumulate to 1,000.

The best thing with MyPoints is that once you reach your goal of 1000 points, you can convert them to a gift card without having to wait for the codes to load. The cash earned from MyPoints can also be used to buy gift cards for other brands such as:

  • Walmart
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Groupon
  • Sephora

Method 4:  Use InboxDollars

When it comes to saving a few coins, we are all interested no matter how rich you are.

The good news is, Nintendo has got you covered. One of the easiest ways of getting this done is by working with InboxDollars. Although there are a few things expected of you, it is as good as free.

To earn InboxDollars, all you need is to complete simple tasks. Once you earn enough coins, you can then use them to purchase the free eShop Codes.

One of the significant tasks gamers are asked to perform to earn these dollars is filling up some survey forms. The questions on these forms are easy and straightforward.

The user is only expected to fill his/her personal information which includes; gender, age, name, hobbies and many more. You are then requested to watch a few sponsored Ads and videos. Once this is done, you will be rewarded with points which you can use to get free eShop Codes.

These points can also be used to get other gift cards such as Burger King Gift Cards, Walmart cards, Amazon Gift Cards among others. Better still, you can have the cash deposited into your bank account.

Method 5:  Use the Digital Gift by InboxPounds

Other than InboxDollar, there is a sister company known as InboxPounds that helps gamers earn points to enjoy gaming for free.

Just as its sister company, InboxPounds works by offering similar tasks to the user. This company originates from the UK and Europe, but luckily, it has been made available to users all over the world.

InboxPounds prompts you to perform many tasks to gain points. These tasks include: filling up a survey, watching ads and videos as well as playing games on their platform.

Their system is pretty much similar to InboxDollars, and all you need to become a member is to register by clicking the link provided above.

Method 6: Perform Tasks on LifePoints

LIfePoints is another excellent way of earning your free eShop Codes. Although it is relatively new, it’s as legit as they come.

LifePoints gives you an opportunity to win free Nintendo eShop Codes. However, there are a few tasks that you have to complete before getting your free points.

LifePoints, however, has its downside since it is not available worldwide. For that reason, any gamer thinking to try it out should first check to make sure that it is has reached their country by opening their official site. However, the inventors are working day and night to make it a global site shortly.

Method 7: Use PointsPrizes

Although many sites are offering free reward points, not many provide free eShop codes. For this reason, it would be fair to work with PointsPrizes as it has become the favorite for all Nintendo users.

At the same time, this is also very easy to work with as all you need to do as a user is a register on their official website and complete a few tasks assigned to you. 

PointsPrizes offers surplus tasks to complete. Apart from the free surveys, there are a few paid surveys that help the user earn reward points that they can use to get the Free eShop Codes.

The tasks involve watching videos, completing surveys and trivia quizzes. To gain enough reward points takes 2-3 days at most.

Method 8: Gold Points from Nintendo

Here comes the most significant news of the year. My Nintendo is giving its users an offer of 30 Gold Points. To get the points, all you need to do is hit your Wii U console and download The First Skunk Bundle.

For regular users of Nintendo, you can agree with me that Gold Points are a real treasure and hence earning them is not an easy task.

Although the Platinum points and Gold coins are of great value, they, however, don’t come any close to the amount of Gold Points. Although you can buy the Gold Points on the site, you can as well get the free rewards. All you need is to connect your Wii U to the “My Nintendo account. 

Method 9: Earn Free Gold Points, Free Games, and eShop Codes

Once you have a few Gold points, you can use them to buy a few online games like Another Metroid 2 Remake which is abbreviated as AM2R or Metroid II: Return of Samus. These are just a few of the list of things you can purchase with your 30 Gold Points.

Rule of Thumb: There is no designated control of when these deals start and end. The deals can last a few days or for just a few minutes. It is therefore essential to be ready for anything when hunting for the free points.

Method 10: Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a perfect choice especially for young people. It is also good for both talented and professional gamers who are looking for easy ways to save an extra coin from their daily expenses.

Instead of spending so much time conducting surveys or performing other tasks to earn a few points, it would be wiser to use the same effort to do something productive.

Joining Fiverr gives you an opportunity to sell your skills and talents. There is all kind of offers on Fiverr which include: writing articles, painting, and arranging emails in powerpoint among others.

The good thing about this is that there is no limit to the amount of money you can make in a day. Hence you can purchase as many games as you wish to.

How to Redeem your Free eShop Codes

After earning enough Gift Card Codes, you need to follow a few steps to redeem or transfer them.

The procedure is however compatible with limited devices which like Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3Ds XL, Nintendo 2DS XL, and Nintendo 3Ds.

This is followed by the website that will be convenient for you. Once that’s done, select the Nintendo eShop option then click the available fund’s option. The final step involves clicking on the “Redeem a Nintendo eShop card.

Final Thoughts

Above are the most trusted and common ways of earning Free eShop Codes for now.

The fact that Nintendo seems to lose its popularity with time, options of earning free eShop codes seems to drop as well.

There are a few deals that come up on the Nintendo website now and then. Therefore, users are advised to keep visiting the site for any updates. 

We are also open for suggestions in case other new tricks have not been mentioned above.

In the meantime, enjoy your free eShop codes with the above tried and tested methods.

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