8 Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes :- No Survey (100% Working)

We are here to discuss arguably the best piece of consumer electronic to have ever surfaced on our planet.

The  Xbox and how to get to experience its comprehensive power without having to shell out a penny!

With a very strong and engaged community of gamers, Xbox Live remains the unrivaled destination for multiplayer console gaming. 

Believe the hype, Microsoft launched Xbox Live in 2002 and the gamers went berserk. Not just a gaming console, Xbox is also an industry leading platform for media streaming and social networking.

Before acquainting ourselves with the Free Live Codes let us get perfectly cognizant with Xbox live and it’s complete set of services.

Generating Xbox Live Codes is as easy as breathing. Click on the Generator tool mentioned above and get your personalized free Xbox Live Code.


Simply copy it and redeem on your Xbox account. Give it a few minutes to produce the code from its vast data library.

It hardly is the case but if ever your code does not work faultlessly, obtain another one and give it a shot.

Our codes are legitimate and used by numerous people at the same time it’s generating, therefore you could feel the need to generate a fresher one.

What is Xbox live?

Introduced in 2002, Xbox Live first debuted on the box system and later got updated to the Xbox 360 console.

An enhanced version of the device embraced the markets under the name Xbox One in 2013 and the sales shot up exponentially!

A newer version named Xbox One S was released in 2016 and it is significantly more powerful than the original model, boasting its capacity to reach 4K resolution with the High Dynamic Range(HDR) graphic. 

One of the top platforms for online gaming, it is also a leading device for streaming video content such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime with its ultra HD Bluray support. With state of the art technology, Xbox Live delivers a robust experience in every single thing it has to offer.

Speaking of its capabilities, Xbox Live lets you chat with your friends across Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, and your Android device.

It extends you the freedom to access and play your favorite games from anywhere to everywhere.

If you have a Windows 10 PC at your home, you can stream your Xbox One games on it. Your games come with you wherever you go! In other words, you can chat, play games and use XBox Live video streaming services on your tablet or smartphone and if it’s for free, could there be anything better?

Why free Xbox Live Codes?

All serious gamers know the power of Xbox and its comprehensive experience. To begin the unparalleled gaming adventure, free Xbox Live Codes are the way to go.

Why is that?

Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff, plus it does not make any sense to buy a subscription of a service you don’t know entirely or might not reap full benefits of.

Getting to try it should not come with a price tag therefore we are here to discuss the wonderful ways to get you trials completely free of any charges. Sweeeet!

Since the dawn of online gaming, people have not looked back to any other way to play.

If you’re a beginner or just want to try free gaming for a while on your console , PC or mobile device, free Xbox Live Codes are a hassle free way to get to experience the world of serious streaming at no starting cost.

The free Xbox Live Codes will take you on a ride with the complete list of services Xbox Live has to offer. Get ready to watch HD movies, your favorite shows, music videos and much more on any compatible device of your choice.  

Moreover, you’ll be able to access multiplayer gaming like never before. The codes, however, are not limited to just  gaming, everything you can imagine from Xbox Gold subscription will be at your service for free with the legit Xbox Live Codes that we’ll tell you how to score for gratis.

Finding Your perfect gaming partner was never this easy

Xbox Live Codes that you’ll rack up for free will come with plethora of advantages than just a streaming service.

You will be able to get matched with the players based on their credentials such as rank, language, experience and more.

The codes will eliminate your waiting time to get connected with another player as well. Just turn the game on and embark on the smoothest experience ever. 

Allow us to tell you the best techniques to get free Xbox Live Codes. They are completely trustworthy, scam free, thoroughly tested and loved by one and all.

Choose one or all to your desire and have a hassle free time streaming your favorite game, TV show or any other video for no price at all. 

List to Grab Some Free Xbox Live codes.

1. Turn your ‘Swag’ on with Swagbucks

If you aren’t cognizant with the reign of Swagbucks in ruling the GPT platforms, you must have been living under a huge rock.

Swagbucks remains the numero uno way to procure ample free Xbox live codes. How exactly that works is, you will have to register on the website and start completing a few tasks ranging from watching online videos, playing games, taking part in surveys and an array of other options.

By simply doing this, you’ll start earning ‘Swags’ which can serve as the currency to  get Xbox gift Cards for $25, $50 or even more. Pure gold!

2.   ‘Bing’ it on

Signing up for Microsoft rewards is absolutely free and effortless. The search engine by this tech giant is called Bing which offers terrific incentives just for its usage.

Earlier branded as the Bing rewards, this service is one of the top ways to amass some free Xbox live codes.

Sign up on the homepage and start accumulating Microsoft points by making it the preferred search engine on your desktop, mobile device or even your Xbox.  

Simply use it for all your searches, idle browsing or opt for specifically marked Rewards links. Cakewalk, isn’t it?

Remember that there’s a limit to everyday earnings. Averaging them out, you’ll make about 13 credits per 24 hours which can sometimes go higher if you clock a bonus.

To give you a perspective, about 120 credits can fetch you a sweet deal of 100 Microsoft points. Even though that’s not a boastful number, they are free points for surfing the search bar which we all do hundreds of times a day anyway. A couple of months of Bing searches can land about 2000 points in your kitty. Adios Google!

Replacing your favorite engine for Microsoft is a sure shot way to rack up some rewards that can be spent against XBox live codes or GooglePlay gift cards.

3.  Accelerate your points by MyPoints

Register on MyPoints free of charge and earn rewards for as simple as just existing. Sign up for the newsletters, watch a few videos, have a fleeting look at some sponsored webpage, extend your feedback on a survey and do minuscule tasks to stockpile points that can later be exchanged for free Xbox live codes on their website. Their codes are always fresh and work like a charm!

4. Thankfully, trials are absolutely free with Microsoft Live Account Trial

To bag a full month of free Live Codes, sign up for a Microsoft Live account. Simply go to ‘Subscriptions’ where you’ll find one month free trial of the Gold membership.

You have to add the Credit Card details and correct Billing information to register on the website.

You may use your family member’s card with their permission as the card does not have to associated with the Gamertag.

Make several calendar entries and set up alarms for as far as 29 days. These will remind you in about four weeks about opting out of this to avoid any charge on the registered card against subscription services.

 Better yet, make google do it as your personal assistant. “Okay Google, remind me to cancel Xbox Live on 27th!”

Or if you’re pro Echo, “Alexa, tell me to cancel Xbox subscription on 12th!”

A noteworthy point is you can score this free one month membership only once under your Gamer ID and upto three per console. If you sign up for three different accounts on your Xbox, you’ll stop receiving the benefits of your Live Account.

5. Time  it like a pro for the love of Free Xbox Live Codes.

If you’re thinking of jumping on the platform or upgrading your console, time it with sales that Microsoft comes up with at several occasions of the year.

Multiple times during a year Microsoft bundles up free Xbox Live for a month or two on the new console purchases.

This offer is available in stores as well as online mostly around Thanksgiving and Christmas but do keep an eye out on their company website and in stores around you for such terrific deals!

6. Xbox Live Codes- With their compliments!

A lot of games such as Fifa, Halo, NHL and more couple free Xbox live codes with their purchase.

The codes could be valid from 48 hours to 30 days depending on the offer. So, if you’re contemplating buying a new game, make your purchase go far by scoring free Xbox live codes. 

7. Make more accounts of Xbox with different email IDs

You can create multiple accounts with different email ID’s to avail one month free trial of Xbox Gold membership.

After you’re done with your first trial, just make a completely new account by giving a fresh email ID and different credit card information and you’re good to go!

Remember to opt out of the subscription before 30 days to avoid seeing charges on your credit card statement.

8. Free giveaways of Xbox Live Codes!

Often times, there are free giveaways on forums such as Reddit. Several hit and trials are needed in this option but who doesn’t want free Live Codes!

Check out this subreddit and look for any live Xbox codes present there. Navigate through them carefully and keep your fingers crossed. You may just get lucky!

We are sure all of the these listed ways will give you undeniably the best streaming experience ever for no moolah at all. ​

Stay away from free code generators as they are the widespread scam out there.

Start trying the reputable methods shared above to enter the world of 4K real time multiplayer gaming and enjoy your absolutely free ride! 

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