Around the World

Around the World box art

A geography quiz game for all ages!

Zoom over the surface of the Earth and test your knowledge of nearly 600 real-life locations, all while racking up points and racing to beat the clock. Perform special feats in-game that allow you to unlock up to 65 high quality wallpaper images to be used in your own custom Screen Saver.

The player must try to rack up as many points as possible within 60 second rounds by testing their geographical knowledge. Players must identify the locations on the globe of one of four randomized cities. One city is always of Easy difficulty, two are Intermediate, and one is Hard. Earned points are rated on the difficulty of the location and overall accuracy. Each round requires more points than the last, so players will need to learn Harder locations and react quickly to advance.

Gameplay Educational

Released August 24, 2010

Platforms XBLIG

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