Nintendo Switch review – The most exciting game console

The Nintendo Switch is a part handheld and other part home consoles which would fulfill all of your requirements related to gaming. It aims to be the one-stop solution device for everything related to video gaming.

This hybrid device comes with world-class graphics quality which would add much more to your overall gaming experiences, and the easy adaptability has made this device famous in the video gamers’ community.

The functionality of the device is excellent, and the all in one package is what makes the Nintendo Switch stand out from all other consoles.

The design

Talking about the design of this hybrid device, even though it looks cool but when it comes to the functionality while experiencing the gaming world, it do have its pros and cons, which are as follows:


  • The unique hybrid design not only make the console look unique and classy but it also helps in getting the best gaming experience that you would like to have.
  • The HD Rumble comes as a bonus.
  • It includes two controllers which are great and enhances the gaming experiences.
  • The screen is bright and colorful which magnifies your gaming experiences and bring them to life.


  • The Joy-cons gets charged only on the console without accessories which can get a bit tough at times.
  • It has a spilt D-pad which might not always work very conveniently.
  • The analog stick is placed oddly at the right which might not ever come handy to you.
  • At launch, you would get limited online services.

So all in all, the design form factor of the Nintendo Switch is a handled, docked and tabletop console that comes with a lot of accessories which bears the risk of getting misplaced.

The accessories would include things like the detachable controller sides, two straps to convert the controllers into an individual one and many more.

Finally, it can be said that to do the whole set up, it would take a lot of time with so many accessories, but looking to its functionality, it is worthy of your time and money.

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The battery life

The sustainable battery life of Nintendo Switch varies between three and six hours depending on factors like the type of game you are playing, the level of brightness and the connectivity to Wi-Fi.

With high graphics game and brightness at its best, you would get a battery life of three hours, and it would increase or decrease depending on all of the given factors.

The Joy Con

The Nintendo Switch comes with Joy cons to enhance your virtual gaming experiences. The Joy Con is loaded with analog sticks, four-faced buttons that come with trigger and bumper for each controller along with accelerometer and gyroscope.

However not everybody would be comfortable with playing with a Joy Con in each hand and added to that, the awkwardly positioned right analog stick can also become a concern for many.

The Joy Con Grip can also be used as a controller, and the best thing about them is that you would have two controllers at your disposal which is a great addition when you are playing multiplayer games.

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The Pro Controller

The Pro Controller comes as a more conventional controller for you Nintendo Switch.

It comes with a large analog stick, less plasticky triggers and a rubberized handle which would help you to have undivided attention towards controlling the game.

It also consists of wonderful additions like HD Rumble, gyroscope and accelerometer.

The User Interface and the Social

The touch screen of the Nintendo Switch is capacitive and the user interface being touch friendly would add to your user experience, and it would be joyful for you to use it.

Also it really easy to navigate through the device and anytime you wish to make any changes to the device, all you have to do is change the settings in eShop and you would be good to go.

When you launch a game in the eShop, the Switch would even ask your preference for the user with whom you wish to launch it.

The process of switching between the users is really quick and easy here, and the best thing is that the Switch supports up to eight.

You would also get to navigate the games on the home screen that you have played recently.

However, Nintendo has yet not released its online services, and hence it does not have the features to add your friends organically over the social media. You would even have to use a smartphone app to do voice chat or do game invites.

The price factor

The price of Nintendo Switch is quite steep which is £279.99, and you would also have to spend on a Micro SD card.

You would also have to invest on a good controller, which can be either a pro controller which costs £55 or a pair of Joy Cons which costs around £65.

If you are planning to take your console on a trip, then you should also consider buying battery pack as the battery life for high-end graphical games can extend maximum up to 3 hours.

Why go for the Nintendo Switch?

Even though you would find multiple gaming consoles with high-end features and powerful hardware like Xbox and Sony Play Station, but Nintendo Switch cannot be compared with them in terms of graphics.

It can be said that the device would give you new experiences on hand as well as while playing your games as you would be able to enjoy the high-end experience of gaming even on the go.

The switch has already earned an esteemed place in the gaming podium, and many gamers love the device and the skill that come with it.

However, if it starts working on its online services and design, it is hoped that the hybrid device would gain more popularity in the future.

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